What a treat to come home to my NEW FRONT PORCH tonight!! Thank you, Miss Maia, those pots are absolutely Beautiful! I am sure it will bring a smile to my face, and to that of every visitor, whenever they climb those steps… it will say, “Welcome Home!” Like your ad says: it is a perfect remedy for the winter blahs, and a true transformation of my front porch. – David Merwin

I love the planters! You did a beautiful job and I’m thrilled with them. Thanks for your help. – Betsy Kirby

It’s amazing what a few suggestions from a pro can do to make a garden so much better! You are really good at what you do! If ever you need a recommendation, put me down for a stellar one! – Carol Levenson

I’m loving the pots you designed so much that I would like to have you design some for the upper deck and patio garden area. – Barbara Polovitch

I love our planter. You are brilliant. – Ralph Sanders

Everything looks fantastic! The combo of plantings in the bed are just perfect. And I agree about your assessment of the other nandina. Thanks for your prompt help, Maia. Very much appreciated. – Scott Fraser

Of course I will give you a rave recommendation to whomever asks. Plants are filling in beautifully. Am so happy with how things are turning out. – Russell Regan

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